How To Create Smart Contracts From Generative AI? (2023 Guide)

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With the introduction of generative AI, our ability to create and innovate has soared to unimaginable depths.

Generative AI has revolutionized various industries, from content to software development. 

One such groundbreaking application lies in the realm of smart contracts, bringing about an unprecedented transformation in the way we create smart contracts.

The first question that we need to answer is what is generative AI?

Generative AI algorithms have the ability to understand context and generate human-like text based on the input provided. 

They can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and produce creative outputs. The versatility of generative AI enables its usage for numerous applications, including smart contracts.

What do you need to provide generative AI algorithms?

Simply put, all you need to provide is a simple prompt written in plain English about what you want. 

For example, if you want to create a specific module for your smart contract all you need is to go into Accelchain’s generative AI feature and type what you want to generate code for.

Here is a small example where we asked Accelchain’s generative AI to create solidity code based on the following prompt:

Help us transfer 1000 tokens if the wallet holds 100000 tokens, else only transfer 100 tokens. 

I hope you got an idea of what generative AI can do when it comes to creating smart contracts.

I know you may be wondering, what does Accelchain do and what is the prominence of this Generative AI feature in Accelchain’s platform?

Accelchain is a no-code smart contract lifecycle management automation platform that helps you design and customize smart contracts, validate, audit and deploy them to the blockchain of your choice.

You can build an NFT, DeFi, DAO or any custom contract on the platform.

We also have more than 150+ pre-built modules that you can use to build your smart contracts. 

For example transfer module that helps you transfer tokens.

Not only can you use these modules and building blocks, but you can also edit and customize the code of these modules. In fact, you can also create a module from scratch all inside the platform. 

Are you ready for something even more powerful?

You can also do automated validation of your contracts using Accelchain and do a one click deployment to blockchain.

What if you are not able to find a specific module for your next smart contract?

Chances are that if you’re building something, you might get stuck on a point where you are not able to find a specific module or a contract that fits your need inside Accelchain’s pre-existing building block library.

This is where our Generative AI feature comes into play.

Simply ask in plain English what you need to build and within a few seconds your code will be ready. 

Be as creative as you wish to.

Here is the same example which we talked about in the beginning with the generated code.

For example, we are creating an NFT collection contract and we need to create a custom transfer module as a part of that, we created that and added it to the existing workflow. 

The module in green in the above picture is the one we created from generative AI grammar and merged along with the other modules.

There are four major advantages of this feature:

  1. Our platform will auto-upgrade the code to the latest version of Solidity (since Solidity keeps on upgrading to new versions very quickly)
  2. You can directly edit the generated code right after generation and save it as a brand new module
  3. You can use the generated module from generative AI and use it with other pre-existing modules to create a kickass contract
  4. Not only can you generate code from the generative AI feature but use Accelchain’s powerful auto-validation and audit feature to make sure that the code is robust and secure. 

The possibilities of generative AI grammar inside Accelchain are immense for creating robust smart contracts easily.

Are you excited to create a smart contract for your next project with so much ease and comfort?

Accelchain’s smart contract design tool is all you need and you will be able to design, validate and deploy your contract within a few minutes. The generative AI makes it so much more powerful.

Sign up for the waitlist here or DM us on twitter @accelchain_ if you want to see a demo of the platform. 

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